Misuse of the word ‘raised’

“Raise” can be translated as “suggest”,“propose”or “put forward” in Chinese, it also has the meaning of "increase",“cause” or “lead to”.

Fill in all the gaps with "raised", "proposed" or "put forward", then press "Check" to check your answers.
1. Questions are about problems and suggested solutions are provided respectively.

2. Another objection by Collins (1998, p. 8) is that "some prescriptive rules are often out of touch with the facts of usage".

3. The same idea of localisation of Hong Kong English is also by Hunter (1974).

4. Two opposing views towards the nature of language are .

5. All the three data sources show that learners’ awareness of the use of word class is to some extent.

6. Based on the previous studies, Dowty (1991) had another theory, the Proto-Role Hypothesis, to explain the dative alternation in English.

7. Issues such as whether Hong Kong English (HKE) is a variety of World Englishes and whether HKE exists are therefore by certain scholars.

8. Baldwin (2008) also the concept of “drama as memory” in language learning.

9. Thus, the key theories of vocabulary teaching, which are by specialists, are to be introduced and analyzed briefly.

10. The pictures of the celebrities also their interest in writing.