Corpus tasks at discourse level


The following tasks are designed for students to observe and compare patterns of language use in learners’ research reports and experts’ academic articles. The purpose of the tasks is to raise students’ conscious awareness of the conventions of academic writing through an analysis of word lists, concordance lists and keyword lists of two special corpora compiled in HKIEd.


One of the corpora contains 62 pieces of research-based essays by year-4 BED (EL) students and MEd/MA students with a total of 204,805 words/tokens; the other contains 40 language/educational related academic articles published in journals such as TESOL Quarterly, and ELT with a total of 235,757words/tokens. Within each of the sub-corpus, the introduction section of the learners’ research reports and the professional articles are compiled into two sub-sub-corpora for further analysis, the former containing a total of 7157 words/tokens and latter of 9823 words/tokens.